“Check website” tool false error message

I’m getting this message “Form ‘Formulaire général’ has an e-mail address not defined in the customer data or in the briefing” even though I have indicated the email address (to which the form will be sent) in the customer form settings. Where can I find these locations to double-check “in the customer data or in the briefing”?

Suggestion: I also get “No keywords entered”. I would suggest removing this warning as it is no longer useful for SEO ranking.

@AJ_Joe maybe Overview: Customer Portal - Sitejet Help could give you the answer.

Hi @PabloT, thank you for your reply.

I checked the customer data, and even though I have already entered the email address, I’m still getting the message.

@Andre, @Martin any idea on this? Thank you in advance.

@AJ_Joe Could you please provide us the website preview link or the 6-digits website ID? I will take a look then.

Hi @Martin, here is the website ID: 338966. Thank you.

Hi @AJ_Joe, I checked it and I am unable to reproduce it. Could you please provide me the steps to reproduce the issue?

Hi @Martin

  1. On the Overview page (the dashboard with all sites), click on the 3 dots in front of the desired website and select “Check website”

  2. When the dialog show with all the checkboxes already selected, keep it as it is and click on “Run selected checks”

  3. Once the checking is finished, you get this message:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @AJ_Joe thank you so much for the details, I will check it with our developers.

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