Feedback and questions after my first website


  1. I followed the documentation (Email services for a domain with Sitejet - Sitejet Help) to activate the mail hosting for my domain (knowing the domain was not bought on SiteJet). The setup looks OK. The address was already created when I bought the domain and before activating the mail hosting in SiteJet. The question is how to use this email address in webmail? When I email this address, I get a response that this email address does not exist. Should I create it again and import emails from old inbox?

  2. Is Matomo already integrated out of the box? No need for setup?

  3. Can we create a blog and refer it to another website as folder:

  4. Sometimes the text links are not highlighted on hover (even if the design setting is done correctly). Actually links in the body are highlighted on hover, but links in the footer are not highlighted on hover, how can I fix this?

4.1. Same thing happens with text decoration: in the design settings for links, the text decoration is set to underline. But when I use links within an HTML element, the links are not underlined. Is this a bug?

  1. How can I translate the file element in the form (allowing a file upload)? It is always displayed in English.

  2. According to the documentation here Use custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code - Sitejet Help, it is indicated “Note that deleting a preset in Website Builder (CMS) does not automatically remove the embedded CSS or JavaScript code.”. So, how to make cleanup the non-used mixins to avoid shipping unused ones? Do I have to do it manually? If yes, then how to match the mixins to its preset?

  3. According to the documentation here Use custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code - Sitejet Help, it is indicated “You can also use the “Optimize” button to find unused rules and clean up your code.”. I cannot find the Optimize button? Please share a screenshot. Does this button clean the unused mixins also?

  4. What is the efficient way to remove unused mixins in Config code? Manually?

  5. How to add a script in header for a specific page? This can be useful to add structured data to a page displaying a blog post for example (Informationen zum Schema-Markup für Artikel | Google Search Central  |  Dokumentation  |  Google Developers), a recipe, a product, etc. The structured data snippet should be set in the header per page. For now, I only see that when we add a script in the header, it will be applied to all pages. Example of a structured data in the header section:

	    <title>Article headline</title>
	    <script type="application/ld+json">
	      "@context": "",
	      "@type": "NewsArticle",
	      "headline": "Article headline",
	      "image": [
	      "datePublished": "2015-02-05T08:00:00+08:00",
	      "dateModified": "2015-02-05T09:20:00+08:00",
	      "author": [{
	          "@type": "Person",
	          "name": "Jane Doe",
	          "url": ""
	          "@type": "Person",
	          "name": "John Doe",
	          "url": ""
  1. Does SietJet support Google Analytics 4?

  2. I found the pre CSS styling in the boilerplate read only tab as follows:

        // default block code styles
	pre {
	    background-color: $gray-lightest;
	    border: $border-width solid $gray-lighter;
	    padding: $spacer/2 $spacer;

	    @if ($feature-rounded == true) {
	        border-radius: $border-radius solid darken($gray-lighter, 9%);

I want to change the above styling. What would the optimal way to do it? I want to replace the code and not override it to avoid writing non-used CSS (which will be overridden).

  1. In this article, Email services for a domain with Sitejet - Sitejet Help, it is indicated that “you can offer your customers an unlimited number of email accounts (fair use policy)”. Could you please explain more about “fair use policy”?

  2. What would be the common robots.txt for all SiteJet websites? Usually when we develop a website we may disallow cache folder for example and other internal folders.

  3. Documentation errors: the video in this link Using Corporate Identity Detection - Sitejet Help is incorrect as it shows how to add a logo, and it is not about using corporate identity detection. Where can I find the correct video?

  4. Performance: after checking the website with Google Speed Insight, I noticed performance issues related to the unused CSS and JS (please check the following screenshot). How to remove unused CSS and JS?

15.1. Also, it is recommended to use a longer cache life for resources (please check image below). How to change the cache duration in SiteJet for the following resources?

  1. “Check website” tool:
  • I’m getting this message “Form ‘Formulaire général’ has an e-mail address not defined in the customer data or in the briefing” even though I have indicated the email address (to which the form will be sent) in the customer form settings. Where can I find these locations to double-check “in the customer data or in the briefing”?
  • I also get “No keywords entered”. I would suggest removing this warning as it is no longer useful for SEO ranking.
  1. Is it possible to upload a SVG as a logo?

  2. Is it possible to save a group of elements as a preset for later use?

  3. Is it possible to implement a mega menu?

Bugs and issues

  1. Contact form preset: sometimes when I select the variant “plain”, it does not get displayed. Actually, in order to display it, I have to select the default variant just before selecting the plain variant.

  2. I add the cookie bar to the website: even if it has been closed (after first time display and once I clicked on “I accept”), it shows and hides quickly on each page opening. So each time I navigate to a page, the cookie bar is displayed and then gone quickly, causing a content reflow and a bad user experience. I guess, it should be set to display none as initial state. How to prevent this behavior?

  3. In the stats page in the client portal: when I hover on the menu, the sub menu is displayed under the table headers (please check the following image).

  4. The meta title of the 404 page does not work. When I hover on a 404-page tab, I see the wrong URL instead of the defined meta title. Also, when I run “Check website” I get “Word duplicate in the title on Erreur 404 Page Non Trouvée - Smart Unicorn (XXXX, YYYYY)” error, even when the meta title is empty.

  5. When I submit a form, the succes message after submitting the form has a margin, I cannot figure out where to remove its margin. Please check the following image.

// Generated CSS
.ed-element.preset-contact-form-v3-plain .wv-message {
    text-align: center;
    padding: 0.5rem;
    flex-basis: 100%;
    width: 100%;
    color: #fff;
    margin: 1rem; // to remove somewhere in the form preset or any other place
  1. Problem with Google Analytics integration, I get this error message “Invalid or missing web property ID” by the Google Tag Assistant Chrome extension.

Dear @AJ_Joe welcome to the community and thank you for your post.

Happy to assist you on some of these issues. Would you please split your questions into useful single/combined requests that are of the same nature?

It also helps to state the issue in the thread title and order it in the respective category.

This way all of us can help you with the issues better :slight_smile:

Thank you. Looking forward to your posts :slight_smile:

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Hi @Andre, I took into consideration your message and I took the time to split the questions in to different threads.

  1. Email configuration: Email configuration: how to use an already created email addresse
  2. General questions: General questions
  3. Performance issues: Performance issues
  4. SEO - Structured data in JSON-LD format: SEO - Structured data in JSON-LD format
  5. SEO - Common robots.txt: SEO - Common robots.txt
  6. Potential issue with links highlighting and decoration: Potential issue with links highlighting and decoration
  7. Modify CSS found in boilerplate: Modify CSS found in boilerplate
  8. “Check website” tool false error message: “Check website” tool false error message
  9. Logo in SVG format: Logo in SVG format
  10. Save group elements as custom preset for later use (even between projects):
  11. between-projects/1682
  12. Build a mega menu: Build a mega menu
  13. Documentation error: Documentation error
  14. Contact form preset selection bug: Contact form preset selection bug
  15. Cookie bar - Annoying content reflow on each page display: Cookie bar - Annoying content reflow on each page display
  16. Stats display issue: Stats display issue
  17. Meta title of the 404 page does not work: Meta title of the 404 page does not work
  18. Form success message - Bad styling: Form success message - Bad styling
  19. Problem with Google Analytics integration: Problem with Google Analytics integration
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Cheers! :slight_smile:

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