Plesk | How to register email errors

Hi i have problem with a form, don’t send email, i use Plesk, and i want to know if is possible create a log file to show me the problem in these case

Hey @Carlobentivegna - thanks for your post.

Well, that would be a job for the Plesk support actually. Regarding your issue, could you first check the contact form in the preview mode? Is that working? If that is the case, there is nothing wrong with the contact form in the Website Builder. The next step would be then to check if the mails are added correctly and also if those mails actually work fine.

The form, both in preview mode and live, shows that it has been sent.

The problem is that the email never arrives. If I send from different emails, notes arrive directly, but not from the form. I wanted to know if it gave some type of error, from SPIF or DMARC, but I can’t detect where the emails go or why they don’t arrive. .

In plesk I am the administrator, but my level is basic.
The emails are external to the domain, they point to hostedemail.


Hey Carlo,

This sounds like some issue from your mails. Could you please check the settings and maybe check with the mail support? Maybe they are blocked because of a missing SPF record.

Also, your contact form needs to have a sender mail. I assume you have set that one up?

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I have solved it, on this server since I do not have emails, I have disabled Plesk from processing the emails, in this way, it is forced not to use the configuration.
I did the tests and now the emails arrive, from the form.
curious way to go crazy.

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Perfect! Happy that it is solved now.