Maintenance mode feature

I would really appreciate a proper maintenance mode functionality within Sitejet. I think I have seen a cool feature years ago at IONOS. Back than you could create a “Visitenkarte” with everything you want to display while building the website or making major edits - and turn it on/off for maintenance whenever needed.

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Great idea. As of now, our 6 page website becomes not available (returns 404) while publishing for about 10 minutes!!! Publishing time could be improved as well.

Hey there, there are indeed two workarounds to achieve this quite easily:

For Sitejet Studio:

  • Duplicate the website
  • Move the domain to the duplicated website
  • Publish it
  • Make changes to the original website (do not delete the content, like pictures, as they are referenced)
  • When the website is done, just move the domain back
  • Publish the “new” website with the changes

Or, you could just set up the websites you like to display and build the others in the background, not referenced or indexed. Once the website is done, you can just set them visible. Like described here: Under Construction Page

Hope that helps!

Hey @alexshel - that is actually a completely different issue and needs to be adressed and checked upon. Seems to be an issue with the server performance. Did you get in touch with cPanel or Plesk about it?

Hi Andre. The long publishing time was mentioned multiple times to cpanel support along with other issues (they could see the publishing logs - all of them show timings close to 600 sec) - no one think this is a concern. They believe this is normal.
Shall I raise this issue once again and mention that it might be related to server performance?

That was a guess from me. Would you be able to send me a DM with the ticket numbers and your client ID and all the info? I like to check on this internally. So we dont spam this thread :slight_smile: