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Hey there, I am working on a new project, but we are not ready yet. There is a “Start”-Page already. The customer would like to have the domain connected with a “Under Construction” page. Can I create a new page and put it on top of the pages list and it will be recognized as the first page of the project? Or how do I have to do it best? The “Under Construction” page will be deleted later :slight_smile:


Hey @Gabi_Kneip

This is a really great question :innocent:

So, there are two ways:

  1. Set up a placeholder website explained here: Start with a new domain and a placeholder website - Sitejet Help

  2. Just build a small website with “under construction” or “coming soon”. Publish that one with the domain until you are ready with the new website. Then, just move the domain over to the finished website :clap:

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Thanks for your reply. So it is not possible just to decide manually that the “Under construction” page is the new entry page? Right?

Sorry, but I do not fully understand the “Placeholder Website” instruction, because if I do it this way the system defines a “Start” page which I can’t delete anymore. So what does it mean “Paceholder Website”?

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I solved it, wasn’t that difficult :slight_smile:

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Perfect. How did you solve it in the end?

As you can see in the image of my previous post the “Start”-Page has no URL-extension. So I put an extension to this page and deleted the URL-extension from the “Under Construction”-Page. I connected the domain and everything works perfectly fine :smiley:

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Nice workaround :clap:

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I used this workaround for a clients website which has gone from onepage to multi page website.

Basically it means that the under construction page is (technically) the home page for a period of time.
Now I need to set a menu item which is an anker link to a section on the real home page so that from any page of the website it links to this particular section. I would fo this by setting /#elementID, right?
But it doesn’t work because - what I recon - this element ID does not live at the actual home page while this maintenance mode turnaround is active. Or could it be caused by something else?