Potential issue with links highlighting and decoration

Sometimes the text links are not highlighted on hover (even if the design setting is done correctly). Actually links in the body are highlighted on hover, but links in the footer are not highlighted on hover, how can I fix this?

Same thing happens with text decoration: in the design settings for links, the text decoration is set to underline. But when I use links within an HTML element, the links are not underlined. Is this a bug?

Hi! Probably the CSS link selectors for are more specific for the theme, and they are different from the simple a tag selector that you are using in the HTML element.
Just create a new selector to include the styling for the a tag .

If you have a live example with the issue, it would help to better understand it.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Lucian_Dinu, thank you for your reply.

This is the workaround that I did (as you mentioned): I added a custom class and I defined a new selector that includes the desired styling of the a tag.

But, the point that I want to raise is: when defining the design of the links as in the following screenshot, this styling is not taken into consideration in some cases: links in HTML element, links in the footer. What is expected it to have the design styling applied across all the website parts and elements.


Hi @AJ_Joe, I tested it on my test website and it works, seems like something is overwriting the setting.

Hi @Martin
Please note that I started from the “Wireframe One” template and I didn’t overwrite any CSS styling before facing the issue.