Email configuration: how to use an already created email addresse

I followed the documentation (Email services for a domain with Sitejet - Sitejet Help) to activate the mail hosting for my domain (knowing the domain was not bought on SiteJet). The setup looks OK. The address was already created when I bought the domain and before activating the mail hosting in SiteJet. The question is how to use this email address in webmail? When I email this address, I get a response that this email address does not exist. Should I create it again and import emails from old inbox?

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Dear @AJ_Joe - if you like to use the mails from now on with Sitejet, you could use our Mailtransfer-Tool to migrate the mails to your Sitejet account.

It is also possible to use the email services somewhere else, even if the domain is transferred to Sitejet.

Hi @Andre, thank you for your quick reply.

Do you mean that I should have transferred my before activating SiteJet Mail Hosting option?

Does not have to be, but that could have been the best solution.

Kamil explained it well here: In what order should I change DNS settings and use the Mail Transfer tool? - #2 by Kamil

Is the email address still active with the old provider?

@Andre, I have just checked the thread that you have linked, and I guess it has the answer.

To answer your question: once I have activated the mail hosting on Sitejet, the already existing email, which was on the old provider, is no longer functional. So I had to create it from the SiteJet side. Fortunately it was a new address, so transferring emails was not needed.

I would suggest including the answer of Kamil in the documentation.