Modify CSS found in boilerplate

I found the pre CSS styling in the boilerplate read only tab as follows:

        // default block code styles
	pre {
	    background-color: $gray-lightest;
	    border: $border-width solid $gray-lighter;
	    padding: $spacer/2 $spacer;

	    @if ($feature-rounded == true) {
	        border-radius: $border-radius solid darken($gray-lighter, 9%);

I want to change the above styling. What would the optimal way to do it? I want to replace the code and not override it to avoid writing non-used CSS (which will be overridden).

Hi! You can override the style from the Code Manager.

Sitejet uses the SCSS preprocessor, so… the generated CSS should already be optimal.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Lucian_Dinu, thank you for your reply.

This is what I did: I overrode the pre tag styling in the CSS code tab. And I ended having the following, 2 pre tags with different background color. One of them is overriding the other. This is what I want to avoid: having CSS code that is overriding another CSS code. Instead, I would prefer changing the default pre tag styling definition.

Please let me know if I’m missing something.