In what order should I change DNS settings and use the Mail Transfer tool?

Hi all! I’m a bit confused about the order of things when I’m migrating emails using the Mail Transfer tool. Should I be updating the domain’s DNS settings to Sitejet’s servers prior to transferring the emails to Sitejet? Won’t that disconnect the email accounts?

Basically, is this the order I should be doing things, or should I be doing them differently:

  1. Update DNS settings
  2. Create email accounts in Sitejet
  3. Use Mail Transfer to migrate existing emails to the new Sitejet accounts

1.add you website to sitejet. but do not change your mx records yet!
2. Then go to your website dashboard inside sitejet and under customer portal click on Emails.
3. Create all of your old emails with new or same passwords.
4. Then go back to partner site and under Tools click on Mail transfer tools.
5. For source choose your old provider with all the login details.
6. For target under provider dropdown select sitejet with login details that you previously created.
7. click next and wait for transfer to be completed.
8. Once it’s done login to with sitejet login details to check if all emails were migrated.
9. If everything is ok, you can safely change mx records in your dns settings to point to sitejet.
10. DONE :+1:


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a solution! :heart: :raised_hands:

Here is our help article about the transfer tool in addition to @Kamil s answer.


Thank you Kamil!

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