Cookie banner issue

Is there anything different/wrong with editing cookie banner within the CMS?

I always put it into the footer in order to show on every page (until visitor makes a decision).
Today (while working on project 673538) I all of a sudden could not find the cookie banner in the footer as this used to be. Usually I could hover over the footer section and find the “cookie banner element”, click on it and edit text and style. Now it is completely invisible and I need to find it via navigator. From there I can edit only style options NOT the text and other appearance.

This problem accurs in every project I’ve checked.
In one client project (314997) I even can’t find it in the navigator anymore (but it is shown on the “official” website).

Hey Barbara, checking on this.

Which browser are you using? Have you also tested this in another browser as well as without an ad blocker?

So for both websites I am able to see the Cookie Preset but only after I have disabled the adblocker. Would you be able to try this?

I am working with Google Chrome.
Now - without changing any setting / ad blocker etc. - it is working (and visible) again.
So problem solved :wink:

Hey @Barbara_Bichler - then the settings for the adblocker or browser security changed, because they actually block the the cookie preset.

Great that it has been solved for you :slight_smile: