Cookie Bar problems

Hi SiteJet community,

I have 3 problems with the cookie bar. Could you help me please?

1- there is a thick border around the cookie bar while I have not chosen any border. I don’t know how to delete it I have changed the width of the container but it doesn’t work

2- once you click on one of the two buttons, the overlay remains and the site is only accessible if you make several right clicks. It disappeared when I click on the cross at the top right.
3- I just can’t align the both buttons. I wish they were on the same line. I tried to change the width of the container but it didn’t work.

The ID of the site is 325023

Thanks for your help.

Hey @isabelle_calmont,

I think that you have two cookie consent banner codes in your website which could be the reason why it doesn’t disappear when accepting/refusing.

Let us know when you left the CMS, so we can take a look at all of this :slight_smile:

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I have finished Franzi and deleted one consent bar. The problem remains the same unfortunately.

Hey @isabelle_calmont,

1, 2: You have set an animation for the cookie preset to open it as an overlay. This is not necessary with a cookiebar, because it is opened automatically by an additional script. That’s why two background layers were opened and couldn’t be closed. The border was also added through this animation. We’ve fixed that issue for you.

3: You can customize the button width in the button settings:

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sitejet team…I have no word to tell you what is in my mind. You’re incredible guys! You’re just incredible​:muscle:t5::ok_hand:t5:You’re the best!
E-ve-ry-thing is just ok!
Thank you for your (veryyyy) quick reply.


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@isabelle_calmont Thank youuuu! :heart_eyes: Happy to have you in the Sitejetters community :pray: :blush: