CMS stuck in tabletmode Chrome and Brave browser

Hi all,

i’ve had an issue in my Chrome and Brave browser after the last update that the SiteJet CMS was stuck in some sort af tablet mode. I fixed it though, you just have to disable the tablet mode in chrome settings.


  • First, open the Chrome/Brave browser on your computer or tablet and type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter.
  • You will now be on a page titled “Experiments.” Use the search bar at the top to find “Touch UI Layout.”
  • Open the drop-down menu and select “Disabled.”
  • Repeat the same process for “WebUI Tab Strip.” (optional if the first step doesn’t fix it)
  • After disabling the flags, you’ll need to restart the browser to apply the change. Select the blue “Relaunch” button when you’re ready.
    That’s it! :grin:

Have a good one today! :rocket:


Thank you very much @Martinus_Visser :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing!

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