Blog modernization

Blogs should work easy and simple, like on Wix, Go Daddy, Bold Grid Word Press theme.

  1. Readers should be able to comment on posts to help grow audience and improve SEO with constant new content
  2. Categories, ability to arrange posts with photos, wrap text, like wrap around a photo, add links, headings, all inside a single post.
  3. Easily add blog section to any page and it will display some of the posts.
  4. Social Media sharing buttons for Pinterest, Instgram, FB, Twitter, and a few more. This helps post to go viral when fans share easily the post.

Hi @James_Dennewitz,

thank you for the suggestions. It would be very nice if you could split all of your suggestions in separated feature request posts.

Let my try to explain you why it is better to create separated posts. Currently, this feature request has a lot of tasks and the estimated effort will be high, so this ticket might take longer to implement.

If you split this in four separated feature request, every request will be handled and estimated independently, so the chance is higher that, one or more of them get implemented. We have a lot of feature request and we have to prioritize them by user votes, because we can’t implement all the feature requests at the same time.


@James_Dennewitz nice ideas. Please split them so we can vote.

I think no. 3 and 4 is already possible.

No.3 You can add a blog section on any page and choose whatever blog posts should be shown there. Latest, randomly of specific ones which have a special “tag”.

No. 4 When you put Social Media Icons on the blog post template, any post can be shared easily.