Possibility to add comments in a blog entry

Could you make available this option please it will be very great:

  • a comments section in the blog



Would you like to give us more ideas on what you expect and would like to have? :slight_smile:

Would you rather have a simple integration with a third-party tool like Disqus or such? Or rather have an implemented comment section with no registration/login etc.

Feel free to post us some more links and websites with ideas.

The more ideas and information we get on this request, the better we can discuss a possible realization.

Looking forward to more ideas.

Thank you @isabelle_calmont for this suggestion.

I have created a feature request ticket for it.

For everyone who wants to support this feature, please comment here with a +1 and let us know if you also have some ideas regarding this topic.

Hi Andre,

A solution without a third party will be great, as you told an implemented comment section with no registration/login will be perfect. No need for a registration because nobody will comment and an option to delete the spam messages will be perfect.

Two fields: one for a name and one for the comment plus an option to answer to the comment like here on the forum.

A date could be implemented automatically once the comment is posted.

This feature will help us having more interactions with our public and transform prospects into clients what is the principal purpose of a site.

Thanks for your help.

Thank you Martin

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Did you have this before on other website builders? Did you use any third-party tools to realize this?

All sites on wordpress propose that natively. Yes my previous site on wordpress has got that option