Whitelabel Logo Width Solution?

I found that no matter what size logo I uploaded, it displayed too small (at least my logo did).

To solve this in the management area, I went to the whitelabel area, and added CSS for the .headerlogo class - you can set the width to whatever you want - 400px worked well for me…here’s the code for the “custom head code”

.headerlogo { width: 400px; }

It works! And I can see this works because if you “view source” of the page, you can see the CSS was added to the HEAD area as intended…

However, in the customer portal area, the CSS/HTML is a little different, but the following CSS should work:

.header .headerlogo .logo--background { min-width: 400px; }

But it doesn’t - after poking around this seems to be a bug because if I “view source” of the customer portal, the CSS has NOT been inserted into the HEAD area. (cleared cache, etc)

I did report this to SiteJet, but they asked me to post it in the community - so here we are :wink:

Any ideas? Thanks!


Interesting…I wonder if that’s intentional? CSS in the head…that’s not too common, is it?


You can put CSS in the head, as long as it’s enclosed with style tags - but this seems to be a bug where it’s “supposed” to insert whatever code you add into the head section, but does not - only seems to not work for the customer portal.


Maybe should add a height. Try this

a.logo–background {
width: 200px;
height: 67px
But add it to your css file


It’s not a matter of incorrect CSS - the issue is SiteJet is not inserting the CSS (whatever it is) into the HEAD of the document. If the CSS isn’t present in the document, it can’t apply it - again, this seems to be a bug - hoping someone can confirm this…

So the second area of the whitelabeling (custom head code for the customer portal) should affect your domain at my.companyname.com/login (but does not)…do a view source and you can see the CSS is not inserted…


It works when you are logged in. but you are correct at login page Sitejet does not insert CSS in the head of the document. Don’t know why is that, maybe for security reasons.


Oh wow - thanks for that…I haven’t even created a website yet, so I don’t even have a login for the customer portal, so I’ve wasted a bit of time with this - thank you!