Customize login page

Hello everybody! Has anyone customized the login page? I am trying to do it without success via CSS from the customer portal field.

Thank you all!

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Hello and welcome!
Sitejet does not insert CSS in the head of the document when it comes to login page. Don’t know why is that, maybe for security reasons. But once you are logged in you can customize almost everything with CSS.


Thanks Kamil. That’s too bad. The login page could improve a lot. My logo does not contrast with the top bar :confused:

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I have requested a few weeks ago about changing the header colour inside whitelabel settings, so it would be visible inside the login page as well. So let’s hope they will consider this and make it possible :pray:

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Hey there,

thank you all for the feedback!

We did have the possibility to add CSS and to customize certain parts in the customer portal that are now requested. However, we had to disable adding CSS to the header because this ended up in causing a lot of trouble for the user and the support in the end and fully disrupted the portal.

However, I will check with our developers if there might be the possibility to change the color or the header - maybe not through own CSS but with a guided process. Hang in there, lads :slight_smile:

Please send us a mail to and a screenshot or screencast of the issue. Happy to assist here and check for you!

If you have a particular issue which needs attention, please open a new thread. :slight_smile: