White labeling available before customer login

It would be great if the white label function would be available before customer log in into the portal. Sending customer to my.example.com is kinda pointless when there is big SITEJET logo plastered on top. Maybe login form that can be integrated into the website itself that redirects the customers into my.example.com or just option to hide top bar in the white label settings.

Welcome to the community and you can replace sitejet logo with yours in white label settings.

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Thank you for your response. I’m talking about the logo on the log in page. Before customers log in they see SITEJET logo. Once they log in they see the white label logo.

Here is an example

Once you replace the logo in settings this will also be replaced.

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For some reason it is replaced once when I log in in the SITEJET.IO. However, on my.customDomain.com it is still the SITEJET.

Well that’s weird … then you better write sitejet support to investigate further or mention Andre, Frenzi or Martin i this post.

Did you log out and clear the cache? Or tried it in incognito mode? You need to mimic a customer to see this.

  • Copy your invitation link.
  • Open incognito browser.
  • Copy+Paste
  • Now you should see a whitelabel version of the customer portal

Let me know if that helps.