Swap landing page for full site (or live editing)?


So I’ve built a landing page, which is essentially an under construction page, but now I need to swap that for a full website.

I obviously can’t edit the live site and I presume I can’t simply swap out the live site with another (I’ve seen no way to do this, so presume such a thing doesn’t exist).

The way I’m planning to do it is to create a new site with no domain, then delete the domain from the original site and add to the new, would this be the best way to go about it please?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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Welcome to the community @Gower :slight_smile:

Actually, there is a much much simpler way. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • You need to know the website ID of the site, you like to have as the new website.
  • Then, you just go into the domain manager of the “old”/placeholder website.
  • Click on the three dots on the right (where you also find the DNS settings.)
  • There, you will find the menu point “move”.
  • Just type in the new website ID and domain/mails are being moved to the new website in your account :slight_smile: :pray:

There is also a help article about working with placeholder websites.

Let me know if that helps :innocent:

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Brilliant, thank you.

Any plans to have some kind of versioning within sites?

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This is not yet planned, as the current process is easy and makes more sense :slight_smile: But if you like, please raise a feature request in the respective category

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@Gower You could also use the Backup feature for some kind of versioning


@Andre No don’t worry about it thanks. As someone used to deploying with git, I’m more of an edge case for something like this I suspect.

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@malte Thanks, looks useful.

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