If a client want to stop with you

What do you guys do when a client wants to stop working with and wants full control over there sitejet domain and website (away from your account on another server/host) ?

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Hey Peter,

thank you for your message. First, in case you are currently experiencing this situation - I am really sorry and hope you are able to persuade your client.

I can answer the technical view on this. There are several ways to find a solution.

[1] Client wants to stay with Sitejet: The client could set up a paid account himself. After the permission from both sides we just transfer all date (including website, domain, mails) from one account to the clients new account.

[2] Client wants to move to another website hoster: You are able to provide your client with an export file of the current website. Please be aware that some dynamic content can not be exported and will not work on other platforms. (for example: Dynamic content like the contact form and the collection feature.)

Have a look here: Export your website - Sitejet Help

The domain is never an issue. It does not matter if the domain is with us or a third-party. Depending on where the client wants to have the domain you just move it there or let the DNS settings point to the new provider.

Let me know if that helps.


Thank, very helpful response. Is there anything special to know on how to import the export file into platforms like WordPress?

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Hey @Peter_Van_den_Wittenboev - I have not yet made that experience. Maybe another user? :innocent:

Please have a look especially at the dynamic content which is bound to the Sitejet-CMS.