Several things wrong with Wishes section of Client Portal


I found several things wrong with the Wishes section of the Client Portal. Please see the following screenshots and their included markups for details. Thanks!

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@Andre @Franzi It’s been a week and not a peep on this. Can I get some feedback on these issues?

They may seem like small things to you, but considering we are white-labeling Sitejet and presenting it to “our” clients, their impression is of “us” not Sitejet. I just think it looks a bit obvious it’s not written by a native English speaker and my target clients will be local to me here in the US. Can we clean this up for your US partners, please?


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@STEVE_SOLER, sorry for the delay. We will forward the change requests to our developer team!

Still no change on these. I don’t mean to be rude, but these are kind of a big deal for me. I’m about to launch my site and once I have clients logging into the portal, these errors in grammar are going to be embarrassing. These should be easy fixes.
“At which logo can we orient ourselves?” Come on… who talks like that? And who calls a Page Title a “Designation?” That’s just weird. If you can fix these two at the very least that would be better than nothing. Oh and I still don’t know what an “Imprint” is. I could Google it, but why should I? You should have a better explanation of what this is. I’m pretty sure whatever it is, we don’t call it an “imprint” in the US. I know you have plenty of clients all over the world, but my clients will be local to me in the US and I want to make things as easy for them to understand as possible. Help! Thanks!

@STEVE_SOLER Our developer team is currently working on this. It should be updated shortly :slight_smile:


How many people are on your dev team ?
It’s been very slow with general improvements and features. We asked a lot, but nothing serious is coming to us…

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I’m pretty sure in the time it took you to make that post, you could have googled what an imprint was, haha. So I googled it for you: Germany’s Impressum law 2021: what you need to know - IONOS

If you need a workaround that doesn’t affect your business, just have the client use a Google Drive and upload assets there. You upload them to the portal and do a live training for website editing and feedback todos for the client, and you can avoid some of the German → English translation hiccups.

But hopefully, you’ve already built enough of a relationship with your clients to the point that your work value wouldn’t be devalued by a few translation snippets? Everytime a client sees that, I make a joke that it must have been an intern and now is wearing a dunce hat in a corner or something.

Not saying SiteJet shouldn’t fix that - just trying to offer a chill viewpoint. We’re just making websites here, not saving lives, lol.


I appreciate your point of view, I just don’t agree with any of it. If a service is going to be marketed to an American base, then might as well do it right. I don’t want to have to make jokes/excuses to clients for Sitejet’s translation hiccups. The point of whitelabel is to make it appear as if the app is ours. As it is, I don’t think the Wishes section allows me to do that with out feeling a bit annoyed at the awkward translations. Sitejet is a paid service. This is not some open-source freebie that I can just brush my annoyances of it under the rug because I’m not invested in it.

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No totally agree with you - just trying to offer a tiny workaround while the dev team gets it solved! <3


Aww. You are kind. Me… I’m “kind” of a jerk. :rofl: Not always! Only when I feel strongly about something that I think is a big deal to me. My apologies for any jerkyness I may have expressed. :grin::pray:


And mine as well if my comment seemed dismissive to your pain points!! I was under some stress as well yesterday so perhaps that bleed through my comment.

All love my man, hmu if you need help with anything!

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@STEVE_SOLER I totally understand your points and I’m sorry if you felt like we didn’t acknowledge your pain points. Just an inside on this one - we completely work through the customer portal content file (it’s pretty big) to make sure that everything sounds native without any other embarrassing mistakes that might reflect badly on you - or any other user. In addition to this, we made some more updates on the customer portal to be more consistent…so the project became a bit bigger than your original remarks. As I already mentioned we are currently working on the final implementations and will probably release the update soon. We will keep you posted!

@zachary Thanks for trying to provide a workaround :slight_smile:


Thank you for your understanding and I appreciate that it’s being taken seriously and an update is underway.

I do have a suggestion you might want to consider at some point in the future. Allow us the ability to Localize all the copy in the Customer Portal to our native language. Then anyone from all over the world can make sure that things like the Wishlist are easy to understand for our particular client demographic. Put that on the roadmap. :grin:

:joy: That is a nice and chill viewpoint - @zachary : Thank you :pray:

@STEVE_SOLER - I will have a look at the process again for you and will give you an estimate time, when this is fixed soon.

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer the ability to open our system to fully customize e.g. the language in the customer portal. But I do understand fully where you are coming from here. I will discuss with the developer team, how we can speed up the process and the translation process as well.


Hey there - the process is currently in development and has been pushed forward in prioritization. Should be fixed very soon :slight_smile:

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I see you guys made the changes. Excellent! I’m sure your US customers will be grateful. :slight_smile:

I just have two suggestions. They are not that big a deal, but you might want to consider them.

  1. It would be helpful if you added to the Legal Info section an additional field for “Terms of Service” and another for “Cookie Policy.” These are sometimes separate from a “Privacy Policy.”

  2. I think you have an error on the Colors section. When you click on the “Choose colors yourself” tab, you have the text, “You already have a website?” above the area where you can choose colors. I think that was carried over from the “See website” tab mistakenly.

Other than that everything else looks great and much more polished.



Thank you, Steve!

I have also forwarded this, and we will work on the improvements as soon as possible! :clap::raised_hands: