Mail account connection problems with Apple Mail


I am using Apple tools and since some weeks experience regular connection problems with my Sitejet mailboxes (link between my Email account and Sitejet). Same goes for some of my clients. Error message enclosed. The problem occurs always for all mailboxes at the same time and is not permanent (let’s say 80% of time connection seems to be lost). Wehthe connection comes up again, this happens without any intervention form my side…
The mail account settings are fully conform the Sitejet documentation (using SSL).
I wonder if anyone else experiences comparable issues?

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@Mark_Fosseprez, I slightly adjusted the topic name.

If you sporadically cannot establish a connection to the e-mail server during the day or e-mails are sent with a delay as a result, this may be due to the following cause:

Your device or another device that uses the same Internet access has stored incorrect e-mail access data and has tried to log in repeatedly with this incorrect access data. Check the e-mail settings on all devices connected to your Internet access (including mobile devices) and correct them.

In the meantime, you can always use our Webmail.

Hi Malte,

thanks for your reply. I checked all settings on all devices and indeed some ad to be changed (port of SMTP-server was not on 465 on one of my devices). I restarted all devices after modificiation, but the problem is not solved… . for your information the connection comes up rarely, most of the time connection is broken and let’s say on average a few minutes evry hour the connection comes up again (and this on all devices at the same time, also the devices of one of my clients). so I doubt whether this is related to our settings or devices now.
kind regards

Can someone take a further look at this please? The porblem persists and i am worried it might occur with more of my clients in the future, so want to have this solved ultimately.

Hey @Mark_Fosseprez - could you send us a mail to with a link to this thread and additional information:

website IDs
respective mail accounts
domains (third party?)

Some of this information is sensitive, so it’s best to work on this via mail.
Let’s try some debugging together.

Thanks André,
just done that

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I am closing this thread since we are discussing the issue via mail. If we do find a solution and valuable information, we will post this here for you all :slight_smile: