Login for Client

Hey Team,
I’m having an issue with the client editing. They claim that the email to sign in works but they are unable to edit anything on the site. Is there an option for the client to sign in to the site but not have permission to actually edit the site?

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @Jeff,

Thank you for your question. So, there are two options for granting access to the website builder:

  1. Grant access to edit certain elements but see the whole page.
  2. Grant access to the full website builder

This is explained here: Overview: Simplified customer CMS - Sitejet Help

If I understood you correctly, your client is able to access the website builder but not able to edit anything in the CMS?

Thank you Andre for the fast reply !
I opened up the whole CMS to see if they have the ability to edit now. It’s kind of sketchy giving a client access to everything but I think if that doesn’t work then there may be something else going on.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey Jeff,

So if I understood you correctly, you gave permission to edit certain elements and that did not work? Well, I suggest you try it out on another website for yourself and see if this error still occurs? Would you like to do that? Happy to assist you on this. Maybe there is somewhere an issue we need to investigate? :slight_smile: