Living document for collaboration

I don’t know what term to use to search for this in the forum. I am thinking about something like google docs where you can invite users to collaborate on a living document. Is this a feature in Sitejet?

What purposes are you thinking about a collab doc? Happy to join!

I was thinking like this. I have a developer and wanted to provider relevant links etc. I uploaded a txt file but then I realized I had to change it. So, I was thinking a live doc tool to share internally would be great.

Just so I understand more … why wouldn’t Google Docs work? Or are you talking about something like Google Docs inside of SiteJet?

exactly, something like google docs inside of sitejet. I tried to avoid saying, “something like” because the idea is to avoid requiring devs to use another tool since sitejet is (the way I understand it) a way to consolidate the development process.

Hmmm, this is an interesting request.

One idea for a workaround could be:

  • Create a page called “Dev”

  • No-index it, uncheck it from navigation, & set a password (to keep things clean, so no one can stumble upon it)

  • Use Containers with Text elements inside them for different short documents

Another could be:

  • Create a folder in the Media Manager called “Documents”, “Assets”, or something else
  • Use this folder as a holding tank for uploading fresh document version from editors
  • Use internal messaging in SJ for passing it back and forth

Both don’t really solve the problem of a multi-editor real-time document.

Even if it was possible to have two users working on a file, with SJ’s current version control I believe it goes into “safe-mode” with multiple users, or attempts to lock another out. I don’t actually know what happens when another user hits “Edit Anyway” - which session the SJ server listens to?

Wish I could help more - but I suggest posting this as a feature request to canvas user support for this feature, and iron out any obstacles in dialogue.

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