Sitejet Coach / Consultant Needed

Hi there,
I’m a Sitejet beginner and working on my first customer project.
In order to get over the beginner’s challenges fast, I would like to hire an experienced Sitejeter as a coach / consultant for a couple of hours.

We can share screens via Zoom and talk English or German.

Background Info:
I created a (wireframe) website with another builder (Brizy Cloud) and need to rebuild this website with Sitejet.

A quick response is highly appreciated :pray:


Hey - I’m available if you’d like some help

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Hey Luke, that’s great - could we quickly hop on Zoom to discuss details?
Here’ my Zoom Link:

Let me know, then I go online …

Cheers, Hajo


Would you also be available for sub-contracting work too Luke? We need SJ designers.

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Absolutely, I’ll PM you now.

I would love to offer some help. Let’s discuss.