Looking for Sitejet expert for permanent project based collaboration

Hi there,
I am a German business mentor working with business starting women.
I help them starting their business with strategy and personality.
My service includes corporate design, personal branding and website.
Mostly it is very small projects up to 5 or 7 pages.

I’d love to use Sitejet (instead of Wordpress) but as I learned building websites on my own (and still have no coding skills nor understand some settings in Sitejet) I really struggle and - to be honest - hate the techy part of building websites.

Therefore I am looking for a professional person which is really experienced with Sitejet. Preferably German or at least EU based. For a very personal and trustful collaboration.
Anybody interested? Please contact me at mail@barbara-bichler.de

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Bye, Barbara


Hallo Barbara,
ich arbeite schon eine ganze Weile mit Sitejet und kann da vielleicht helfen. Ich schreibe Dir später noch eine Mail mit Details. Habe noch einen Kundentermin. :sunglasses:

Ulf, aus der Nähe von Oldenburg


I’d be happy to to learn more and to provide an estimate.

Please contact me here Vital Tech Results and we can discuss.

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@Barbara_Bichler Hey! Just seen this post, did you get lucky in hiring anyone? We are growing and in the same boat. Finding SJ designers is tough!

@Vital_Tech_Results would be keen to talk. We have regular work, both new projects and weekly edits. Hit me up at jonny@invinciblemedia.co.uk

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Hi Jonny,

I talked to the people who answered this post.
As I prefer to work with a German speeking partner I found one in Germany (but haven’t worked with her by now). Just talked.

Hey Barbara, that’s great! Would they be open to talking to us too? Could you pass on their details to us please?