I'd like to setup DKIM

Hey there,

I’d love to setup DKIM, DMARC etc.

DKIM is not present as an option at the moment?


Hoping Sitejet will support DKIM too soon.


DKIM is a MUST have.

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I am in favour of DKIM signatures

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Hi @Poy_TB,

thanks for reaching out with your request.

You can already set up DMARC entries in the DNS settings of your domain, but DKIM is not possible at the moment.

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Thank you. yes. I think most of us know that DMARC is available.

DKIM is the main feature request for this post. please :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it when you guys can implement it.

DKIM must have

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+1 for DKIM
Without this, sitejet functionalities in terms of domain/email management cannot be considered a good fit for any professional emailing work geared towards paying customers. Even small and local businesses could benefit from DKIM features as soon as they have to send newsletters…

Keep up the good work team !


+1 DKIM is vital to stop your company from ending up on spam lists and to prevent spoofing.
Also, it’s needed for using proper email marketing & marketing automation solutions.

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Are we able to setup DKIM yet?

Not yet, @Jason_Adams - but I have added your voice to the feature request.


Any luck Andre?

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