Billing Clients For Completed Project

How do you bill or charge client for a completed website before giving access?

I can’t find any video or doc on this.

Hello, for that you’ll have to use third party billing tool. But would love if Sitejet would offer this kind of solution.

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I agree it would be cool. But in the mean time I plan to use Flowlu. Just setting it up now. I wonder what everyone else is using?

In the article called “Register a domain with Sitejet” it says

“Once you click “Register now liable to costs” the domain will be purchased and added to your account. It is up to you whether you pass on the costs directly to your customer or charge the price to your customer within the project.”

Is this implying we can charge the client through the SiteJet platform?

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No. Not yet, they don’t offer checkout solutions

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