White label access to my customers

Hi, I need help setting up white label access for my customers.
I have added the domain freawe.com.ar:

and on cloudflare i add a cname record:

Is there something wrong with what I have done? if i try to access to my.freawe.com.ar or partern.freawe.com.ar i see an error:
sitejet errror

Wait your help. Thanks.

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What I did was to also add 2 additional CNAMEs to my Cloudflare configuration (I’ve also proxied these 2).

I worked for me. I hope it also works for you.


Hey @Raul_Hernan_Sanchez ,

Thank you for you post and very specific description of the matter. I am sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

Currently, it seems that is not possible with Sitejet to set up the white label feature with certain “doubled”-TLDs such as *.com.ar . We are working on a solution yet.

Would you be able to set up the whitelabel with another TLD like *.com ?

Thanks Lucian and Andre!..
ok, i will check if i can usa a .com domain.
Any idea of times to be able to use .com.ar ?

Thank again

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Thanks Lucian!

Hi Andre, and for example freawe.ar will work?

i´m trying now with media-stuff.com but i can´t make it work… some help please?

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Hey there,

we do not have *.ar yet in our system. Would you like to ping us here to let it be included?

An update will be posted there shortly with new TLDs :heart:

Hey Raul, could you provide us with your DNS settings please? You can send them to help@sitejet.io if you like :grinning:

Hi Andre, ok, i´ll send to help@sitejet.com

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Hey there,

The CNAME is correct in your case:

In your case - the whitelabel website has not yet been updated:

After that, it should work :slight_smile:

Hi André, i see that if i want to replace my actual domain name with media-stuff.com it just dont work…
i always see freawe.com.ar
let me know if you can replace it for me!
thanks again