Where is my password for the email?

Some question about email, do I have to fill in this fields, and what is my email password?

Also some strange things when I’m clicking om my emails. First the not safe message, then not found.

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Hey @Matthijs_Sloos,

thanks for reaching out with your question!

This email delivery setup is for connecting an existing email account as you would do with any other email client. So if you haven’t already, feel free to set up this info@matthijsontwerpt.nl email account in the customer portal (here is an article on that: Add and manage email accounts - Sitejet Help) - if you are already setting up the email account, also set up the forwarding to your “Receiving email” in Sitejet as explained here: Send and Receive Emails with Sitejet - Sitejet Help.

Once your info@ email account is set up, use the following info (because your domain is hosted with Sitejet):

Host: mail.sitehub.io
Port: 993 (if you use SSL)
Username: info@matthijsontwerpt.nl
SMTP Password: → this is the password you set up for your email account

Click Save and you’re done!

The “not safe” message is probably because SSL is not active yet - this can take up to 24 hours.

Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out, if you have further questions! :blush: