[UX] Create from scratch option on top + categories names/list

Hi! When we create a new Website we are asked to select a template for it.
Most of the times I don’t use any of the templates … so, I need to scroll down to the last option/template called “Blank” (which, by the way, is in the Misc category ?).

I want to have an option on the top like: “Create from scratch” so I don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page (which is unintuitive).

P.S. Related to the name of the categories… There are a lot of them that don’t make any sense like:

  • New - initially I was thinking that this is where I need to go to get the Empty/Blank/New template … but this name is related to a sort order
  • A - what is this?
  • Active ?
  • V
    … there are so many categories that are empty … and I still don’t understand why they are there … it creates a lot of confusion
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I agree. Blank Template needs to be on the top. For templates categories, I think this is a bug because under templates page everything is fine but when creating a new site or changing templates of existing site there are lots of additional and empty categories which doesn’t make sense.


@Lucian_Dinu and @Kamil thanks for pointing that out! This is not supposed to like that. We will get this fixed. Thanks!

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My workaround so far is to just make my own Boilerplate Template from a project, and just add to that with boilerplate components (like HTML flip cards, SCRIM Gradient SCSS Mixins, etc)

Then I just navigate to “My Templates” and that’s a scratch template with Design System stuff set up already ready to go!

Maybe that helps your workflow during the time being.


Thanks @zachary … Great workaround!


Agree with all the points you’ve raised. +1

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