What kind of templates would you like to see next?

Hey Sitejetters,

did you know that we have a feature request category called “Templates”? :thinking:

This is the perfect platform to share ideas, inspirations, and designs that you would like to see in Sitejet’s template pool in the future!

Looking forward to your ideas! :star_struck:

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I joined SiteJet with the hopes of building some modern sites for my real estate business. I hope to build a site similar, but different to this one. I have an agent on my team, who sells real estate in a certain community, so the two options would be real estate and the other would bring you to lifestyle… like a blog, videos and content on the community. I have experience with building sites on different platforms, but am struggling a little here… not the platform… it is me :slight_smile:

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For Writers, Artists, Podcasters, and holidays. Many times there is a festival or craft show. It would be nice to have cool Halloween (Black and orange, yellow) or Christmas (red, green, white) and for U.S. patriotic, 4th of July, Memorial Day (red, white & Blue) templates. Many authors also may use these themes.

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Hey all, I love sitejet!
Wish to try out more whole site functional templates with modern UX.


Hi @Ivann, thanks for reaching out. Would it be possible to share some URLs with us so we know what you have in mind? Thanks :blush:

With pleasure @Franzi, these are very inspiring to me: https://land-book.com/

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Hi @Ivann, thanks so much for sharing! They look great :slight_smile:

I’d second this! love to see some more modern designs

Also love more blog focused and blog-first/only deisgns


@Zzz_Www got it :slight_smile: I think we will have some more blog-focused templates soon :wink:

Some of the current templates are too “multicolored”.
Yes, I know one can change everything, But I would appreciate nicely designed and colored templates.

I would love to get some more female style templates for small businesses.
And ideally, any new template with conversion in mind.

Hey @Barbara_Bichler thank you for you feedback. Do you have some websites in mind? Would love to get more input on this matter.

What would be a female style template, for example? Looking forward to your suggestions.

Well, by female style I mean warm colours, soft shaped section deviders and probably nice and friendly fotos of women creating an empathic mood on site.

It is a bit difficult to explain. Most of your templates look like “serious business”, very male type of business. Female entrepreneurs (coaches, experts, service providers mostly act very personally and hands on. I miss templates that style because I work with such kind of clients.

Here some examples in order to show what I mean (I hope this is helpful):




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Thanks for the suggestions @Barbara_Bichler

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@Franzi what about these Beautiful Website Templates – Start Your Free Trial Today

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These templates are NOT Sitejet, right?

Unfortunately NO!

Hey @mughal and @Barbara_Bichler,

we are currently working on new templates :blush: We are trying to meet all wishes that were suggested and offer you a variety of designs and styles.

So, feel free to keep sharing template designs you would like to see in the future.


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@mughal do you have some favorites templates from Beautiful Website Templates – Start Your Free Trial Today ?

I would really appreciate some coach, mentor, therapist templates.
This is the field I am work on.


Hey Barbara - please let us know some example websites and maybe some givens on these pages. What would be important to have? What do most of the websites you plan to build have - for example, colors, special elements, structure, etc.