RFE Expand page importer to full site / html / template import

Hello there,

We are going to use sitejet as our customers’ cms going forward, it just seems to do all the important things super well and customer friendly. So sitejet did an amazing job with that (important!) aspect of site building and client management.

However, we currently have a number of existing sites that we should move to sitejet as well. These are not very complicated sites for the most part, just html and css and some plugins like owl-carrousel.

Also, we try to accelerate the process with our clients by basing their sites on existing templates that we then modify. We collect their needs and determine the desired look and feel and try to find an pre-existing template from themeforest or similar that comes close to what the desired end result is. We then purchase that template and change as much as is needed to get what we need.

In both cases, it would be super helpful if sitejet would be able to import existing html/css/scss/sass/js from either a site that already exists or a template from themeforest or similar.

The way the current page-importer works is helpful in reducing the amount of time required to move content over, but in many cases the content is not what would take a lot of time.

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Hey @Floris_van_Lint

Thank you very much for that great feature request.

Regarding your current situation, we have received your query and I will forward this to our web design. As this might include sensitive information, I assume this is the best way.

However, if there is another member of the Sitejet community that wants to support here, feel free to contact Floris!

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