Question for Agencies - Pricing?

Hi all,

Just a question for the community - what’s your price range you charge your clients?

I’m thinking of handling the hosting, web design and ongoing maintenance for my client’s websites but unclear on how to price them.


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We are all about recurring revenue. We generally do not charge large up front design fees (actually we never do), instead we charge monthly fees that handles everything.
It covers :
Maintenance (hosting, ssl, security etc etc (all the stuff sitejet does))
Minor updates.

Each plan increases in value and adds more options and value to the client…

Thats just us.

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Yeah thats what I’m considering, but unsure on price range, e.g I see some agencies charging under £100 p/m for an 8 page site, others in the hundreds.

How can a monthly fee of e.g £200 p/m be justified (15 page site).

Open to chatting about this on Slack (or similar)?

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It all depends on what you are offering them other than the website.
Making minor edits (that is a fee)
Search Optimization (that is a fee)
Blog Writing (that is a fee)
It can add up quite a bit… I have even seen some folks charge $50 a mo PER PAGE… They were doing highly targeted SEO and every page was ranking on the 1st page of search engines for multiple keywords. Its all about value… If you value yourself at 200/mo then that is what you demand from your clients. If you demand it, give them something that proves you are worth it.

With ours its $99/mo for the basic and that keeps the site online, secure, updates, custom designed, and an hour of minor edits monthly.

It goes up from there and we start adding more edit hours, and SEO services for our clients.

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Thanks, great info there for some insight.

Two final q’s, are you only offering services using SiteJet? Or also WP etc? Previously I was fully WP but found it overkill for small projects. Are you maintaining many clients as a one-man band, or a team?

We are not exclusive to SiteJet (still jumping into it) we are vetted by another CMS and considered Experts and it is our Primary CMS.

We do not use WP anymore as management is too much to handle.

We handle multiple marketing agencies and offer our White Label Design services and marketing for them while they just sell. We also are offering the Small Business owner solutions that most web agencies offer. We are really trying to sink our teeth into SiteJet so we can have more options, but haven’t made the move to “All In” just yet.

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Yeah, I think SiteJet is looking good, I was considering Webflow but SJ is getting there.

Webflow is awesome, but not ideal for small business clients. We use webflow on a PER REQUEST basis from higher end clients.