Plesk | Sitemap.xml has http url's listed instead of https


I know I must be missing something obvious here but I have an https site but my sitemap.xml file is populated with the http versions of the url’s instead of the https versions (causing SEO issues). I can manually change the sitemap.xml file from the Plesk file manager but as soon as I next publish a change through SiteJet Builder the sitemap.xml is overwritten again with the incorrect http url’s.

Where can I change the settings on this so that the correct https (and not http) url’s are updated in the sitemap.xml file?

Please forgive me if this is really obvious :smiley:


Hey @Brad1 - are you able to let us know your Website ID? Please log into the Website and copy the six-digit number here. Thank you.

Hi Andre - thank you the ID is: 392584

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Forwarded all the necessary infos. Will take a look and I let you know when I know more.

Hi Andre, sorry to chase - any update on how to resolve this?

Pinged the colleagues again :slight_smile:

Hey @Brad1 - we need to coordinate a fix here with cPanel so the correct assets are parsed. I will let you know as soon as I know more.

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Hi Andre - any update on this? Has been a while since the last update. Thanks

Hey @Brad1 let me check internally and get you a possible release date for that fix.

I’m having issues with this too.

Website ID 609703