Please respect white label rules!

I sent my client invite to join so he can get access and design his website himself (from my white label platform) as soon as he accepts, set password and started using the service from next day he started getting email directly from sitejet (welcome, promo, discounts, etc) come on guys this is not at all right, why we are using white label then?

Not good at all.

@Andre @Martin @Franzi Any update on this?

@mughal Did you invite your customer as a user and not with the invitation links for the customer portal? This might be the reason why he got those newsletters, but we are on it to change this for invited users as well. I will let you know once this is resolved.

Hi @Franzi that’s right i invited my customer via customer invitation link from partner’s panel.

I think you mix things up.
Obviously you invited a client over partner portal as an affiliate. Right?
Then the person is a new Sitejet customer and gets SJ newsletter as such.

The way I would recommend is to start the project and give your client access for editing the website via your customer portal.

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Hi @Barbara_Bichler i started the project, finished up website then sent invite to client to take over from partner’s panel (screenshot attached) and that’s it.

Ah, ok, that’s weird.

@mughal Would you like to send us a mail with a link to this forum thread? I would like to have a look and test this myself.

Which website did this happen? Please give me the six digit website ID.

Hi @Andre i sent you an email.

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Received! Thank you! About to test it and see for possible bugs and inconsistencies. Will let you know as soon as I know more!

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