Help Link in Partner's Dashboard

How can i remove this “?” help link from partner’s dashboard as white label i don’t need this, please advise.

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Hey @mughal , this is only possible with custom CSS code in the whitelabel-options.

Hi @Andre so how to do this, it’s important for me since i don’t want my team to show what i am using.

If you really want to remove it from the page you can use the following CSS: .BeaconFabButtonFrame{display:none;} Make sure to put it inside style tag under CUSTOM <HEAD> CODE FOR THE WEBSITE MANAGEMENT AREA

@Kamil yeah i already tried this and it works, but question is why in “WHITE LABEL” there are reference and links to Sitejet??? white label means no trace of original software and not domain is mine but all links referring to sitejet, that’s not right …

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I created a ticket for our developers for this issue.

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