Button link to a section (preset) from another page

Hi again!

How to create a link on a button to bring to a section of another page? I can make a link to a section (preset) on the same page or a link to a another page but how to do when I want that the button brings me to a particular section from another page?


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If I’m understanding correctly…

You can add an ID to the container you’re trying to snap down to, i.e. “#example

Then, just make the link external and put:


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Thanks. I have tried this and use the number of the ID (for example ed.12345) but it doesn’t work. Do I need to change the number in the ID field and put a name? It is strange…it should works with the ID number…

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I would make your own ID in a container - but maybe something has changed internally and this doesn’t work. I can check here soon after my meeting!

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Hey @isabelle_calmont :slight_smile:

I already send you a screencast via mail, but I’m gonna share it here as well: Awesome Screenshot. No audio, but I hope it’s clear that you can select the element/section you want to link by using the “picker” to select the element you want to link to. We will create a help resources video for this shortly - with audio :smiley:

Hope that helps and let me know if there is anything else we can help you with :upside_down_face:

Thank you Franzi but I think that my message was not clear.
I want to add to the button that is on the portfolio page a link to the contact section that is on the home page. What you’ve explained to me is to put a link on a button that brings you to a section on the same page (in your case the home page).

Ah sorry for the misunderstanding! But the good news is: the same rules apply for linking the button to the contact section:

  1. Double-click on the button to open the element settings on the right
  2. Click on “Link”
  3. Select “Element”
  4. Either enter the element ID directly or use the “picker” and scroll down to the contact section and click on “Contact”.

Hope that helps (and I hope I understand you correctly this time - sorry again! :see_no_evil:)

I am so sorry because I understand that i need to make more efforts in enflish (i am french)…
My problem is to create a link fir something that it is not on the same page.
For example i have 3 pages:

  • Home with a preset for contacting the owner of the site
  • Portfolio
  • Legal notice
    I have added a button in the portfolio page in order for client to contact the owner by using the present in the home page and not in the portfolio page.
    So i want to create a link on the button that is on the portfolio page to the preset that will be use to contact the owner that is on other page: the home one.

I wilk make a screencast for you in max two hours…it will be clearer🙃

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:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:i have finally found the solution. The page where is the contact form is the home page so no need to write something like /name-of-the-page#ID but only /#ID. Simple as that!

Thanks a lot to Franzi and Zack for their patience and their sincere winllingness for helping me. I know now what to do!


Perfect!! Happy to hear that! :star_struck: :muscle:

Yay!!! #alwaysimproving