Give gallery images links

heya. i’m really not an expert site builder by any means so please forgive me if i’m being dumb.

i want to create a display of images like the gallery, with the hover setting as ‘caption’ but then on click you are taken to a linked page/external page.

i see this is possible when using the slider element (assigning links to individual images) but i’d really like the hover>caption and grid dense layout options of the gallery element. is there any way to make this happen, or alternatively a workaround that will give me the best of both worlds? thanks in advance!

Hey there,

The gallery preset is actually just for presenting the pictures. You could - as a workaround - use a columns preset and then build a gallery with linking out of it.

But I will discuss a possible image grid preset with a linking feature internally as this seems handy to have and to speed up the process.