Announcement Overlay

How announcement overlay works, i created one to test from clients portal and nothing happened even my website status is set to “Done” what is this and how to make it work, i believe when client create announcement someone visit the website will get it right?

Hey @mughal, yes. Usually you design and implement an Overlay and then you decide how this is shown on the website.

You could also set an overlay onto a button.

If you need us to look into this on your website - let me know and provide me with a Website ID. Happy to check that for you.

Hi @Andre … i meant to say my client created overlay from his portal for example ( after announcement created here (see attached picture) it doesn’t show on homepage … or it’s just a request to create and i have to create overlay manually, hope you get my point now.

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Ah! Yes, now I know what you mean. This is just a request field. :slight_smile:

There are two ways to realize this now: The one you displayed is just a request from your client. (like the other content your client asks you to fill into the website).

You would have to design an overlay yourself and style it.

The second way would be: Grant your client access to the CMS.

You could give your client access to the CMS, so the client can design or fill the text to it. You could create an overlay and then grant access only to that element in the customer CMS. Therefore, the client would be able to access the CMS but is only able to change the element you have approved for him.

Have a look here for the customer CMS: Overview: Simplified customer CMS - Sitejet Help

Let me know if that helps.

@Andre thanks for clarification and i wish i could give my client full access but still waiting it to be fully white label, before that i can’t give my client full access :frowning:

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You are very welcome. Yes, soon. Our developers are working on it. This will soon be available.