Youtube embedding

Dear SiteJeters,

I have a little problem, with the Youtube-element.

When I use the youtube tool in SiteJet, and in the URL field, I enter the code that Youtube tells me to “share” the video.

Then I see the video with the start-image at first, but the preview image does not appear after saving the page.

For better understanding here the link:

Only one preview image is shown. I do not understand why?

Can anyone help me?


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Hi @Frank_Joerns,

could you please check if lazyload is active for the video? If yes, then please turn it of and test it again. Maybe this will help.

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Lazyload is active! The only video that shows a preview image was the first video that I had placed on the page. I do not know if these made a difference?

Lazyload do not help.

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Hi @Frank_Joerns

you can also try to set or change the video thumbnail directly at YouTube as explained in Add video thumbnails - YouTube Help

Let us know if that helped.

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I have noticed lazyloading on youtube videos actually turns off the preview image. Is this proper?


@zachary , ahhhh thank a lot. I missunderstood Martins message. I thought I should make sure that Lazyload is active, but he meant it exactly the other way around.

Now that I’ve turned it off, it works.

Thanks for your help.