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Needing Tutorials

Are there any good videos, or tutorials that can teach us how to use SiteJet?
We are on the Duda platform and with their recent un-needed price hike, we are moving everything over.

I have an Agency Plan on SiteJet, but have had a hard time learning to use the platform for basics. Who are the GO-TO youtubers for assistance here?

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Hey there @Aj_Pfeil

Thank you very much for your post.

Sitejet does have a few tutorials / introductions on our YouTube Channel: :point_down:


Scrolling down you will find english version. Please bear in mind, that these are four years old and the UI definitely changed. But the basics are still the same :slight_smile:

Some articles also do have a few tutorials on specific questions.

Then, there is our video tour on the website: :point_down:

Riley from β€œWealth With Riley” does have a Tutorial for Beginners:

β€œHelperMan” did also a Tutorial:

There is also a playlist created with some short videos:

I do recommend, that you have any question, that you feel you don’t find an answer to, just open a thread here and ask any question. We are happy to assist you with a link from our knowledgebase or a short guide to answer your question. That is what this community is about! :blue_heart: