This platform is rough

Is it just me, or is this platform REALLY HARD TO USE? Not really a Drag and Drop platform huh? I know there are a few folks on here who have put some awesome sites together, but how!

Howzit, AJ.
You well? Greetings here from South Africa! :raising_hand_man:

I take interest in your question, because I’ve been investigating all aspects of this site builder for the past two months or so. I noticed Sitejet in cPanel, and thought I’d give it a try, and here is my verdict:

Not hard to use, but hard to get used to. This is simply because it’s different. The same goes if you switch from Android to iOS - it takes time to learn how it works, not if it works. But to answer your question more directly: it’s hard to customize if you’re not familiar with Sitejet’s css classes, and how their css puts everything together. There is A LOT of css going on in the background, which is necessary to serve all elements and presets correctly.
This is (I think) why they made so many beautiful templates to use which needs no customization, just a change of content.

Definitely drag & drop… unless you want to make heavy customizations, but to be fair: the same goes for any other web builder, no?

Just take some time and learn how it works. Soon, you’ll see that it’s awesome, and you’ll start to reap the benefits. There is a plethora of tutorials online, and you can always ask here if you get stuck with something specific.

To me, Sitejet is perfect.
I’m super excited to finish my first webpage, and I’ll post it here in the showroom as soon as I’m done.


:blue_heart: Could not have said it better.

Hi Aj!
Any platform - if it offers advanced features not just simple choose template and then click here and there - has its learning curve. I - coming from Sitejet - tried out Duda recently and had some struggles the other way round. So I think this is pretty normal.

Nevertheless, I know what you mean.
It could be much easier to learn and understand the platform (AND get perfect results much quicker!) if there were video tutorials on all the important things (using the current UI).
Unfortunatelly, the team doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that even experienced webdesigners struggle when starting with Sitejet and need some more initial support.
Other then posting their problems here in the community (or helpdesk).

@Andre Would you mind to discuss this in the support team?

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I would like to offer you the same option to teach you Duda as you offered me for SiteJet :grin::grin:. We are actually Duda Experts Agency partners. So if you feel you ever need to dabble there again, let me know lol.

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