Strange behaviour on feedback

Hi, I’m trying to get my site reviewed on feedback but the mobile’s menu keeps showing and doesn’t disappear even on desktop mode. So, they can’t see anything but the mobile menu full page.
Is this a bug? It works fine on front-end.
Site 322646

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Is it possible that the window the page is in is forcing it to render the Tablet view?

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Probably but it doesn’t appear on real tablet. So it shouldn’t happen even on small screens. And as you can see, I’m asking for Desktop view

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Hey @Jean_Pierre_Michael - we fixed this for you. There has been an animation on that menu element. This should be okay now :raised_hands:


Oh ! thanks a lot ! Was this an animation that I added ? Or one that was in the template ? Just to know what error I might have to be carefull at :wink:

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Hey Jean Pierre, not sure. But I assume that was already in the template, if you used one. But not 100% sure.

However, now you know where to look just in case :innocent:

That was a template I used. I didn’t add any animation personally so Maybe should you correct it so you don’t get any more surprises.:wink:
Have a nice day !

Jean-Pierre Michael
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