Pre-Existing Ecwid Store integration issue

i am trying to connect a website to Ecwid via the Extension menu but it says email already ecists.

It appears it only allows you to create a new Ecwid account.

My question is how do you now connect a pre-existing Ecwid store to a website?


I need to be able to do also

Can you embed the products via embed code?

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I am also unable to connect my existing Ecwid store.

Wow came here looking for the same answer … found this answer here


You cannot connect an existing Ecwid store within the website builder, except the store was created through the Sitejet website builder.

If you want to connect an existing Ecwid store, you have to use the embed code from Ecwid and paste it into an HTML element on your website.

Begging for the option to use our own Ecwid reseller account for clients instead of yours.

Hey @Carrie_Weidow - if you like to use your own Ecwid store the only solution now is to add it via elements into the Website Builder. There will be no option to add your own account to an excisting one - this is due to technical restrictions ass well as account limitations between the systems.