(Plesk / cPanel) Enhance Productivity with Publish Button Preferences

Problem Overview: Currently, when users click the “Publish” button within the SiteJet Builder, they are redirected from the editing interface to the Plesk interface. This transition disrupts the workflow as users are then required to navigate back to the SiteJet Builder manually clicking on “SiteJet Builder” button on Plesk. Upon returning, the Builder does not retain the user’s last working position, requiring scrolling to locate the previous point of work. This process is particularly time-consuming for one-page websites with extensive content, such as those using the “Benson” template.

Example: Users working on specific elements like “Collections” must undergo several steps to resume their work, significantly slowing down the workflow. One click on element to open the Left Side options panel and then click on “Manage Content” and then click on the item, and then “edit in CMS”, to have the same 3 sub tabs of the Builder opened and continue to work where left of. If the user were working on a simple element like a text box still applies, because the user has to scroll, find the text, click to open left side options panel and then on “Style” and then find where was making the adjustments.

Proposed Solution: Introduce a dropdown menu adjacent to the existing “Publish Rocket Button” that allows users to select their preferred method of publishing:


  • NEW TAB: Open the Plesk interface in a new tab, keeping the SiteJet Builder open.

  • NEW WINDOW: Launch the Plesk interface in a new window (good for working with 2 monitors), preserving the user’s place in the Builder.

  • Expected Benefits:

  • Significantly speeds up the editing and publishing process by maintaining workflow continuity, preferences flexibility and increases efficiency, especially for users working on detailed and lengthy projects.

Suggested Workaround Until Implementation:
As a temporary solution, users can operate the SiteJet Builder in one Chrome window and utilize another Chrome window to click “Publish.” After publishing, users can then hit “back” in the browser of the second window to make the “Publish” button available again

This feature would greatly enhance user experience by making the publishing process more efficient and less disruptive, allowing users to maintain focus and productivity.


(in Cpanel, but it’s probably the same in Plesk?)

The publish button doesn’t update the changes made, it actually republishes the complete website from scratch.
Maybe add a 3rd update button?


Hey @Richard_Honey - thank you.

I would actually consider this a separate Feature Request, to be fair.

Hi Andre!
True, unless the OP’s proposed solution is implemented. In that case an extra update button would be pointless.

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