Navigation Panel

A new panel similar to Webflow’s feature (please see image) whereby the user is able to get an overview of the whole structure of the website’s design. It would also be great if we could interact with the panel: rearranging elements, changing the order of the design, dragging nested elements, changing the hierarchy etc.

I think it would just give users another way to interact with the design whist also providing quick access to a bird’s-eye view. Dragging everything around directly on the page can sometimes be a bit laborious so it would be nice to have another option.

Webflow Navigator


I agree with you Joshua, I have been testing Webflow before switching to Sitejet and if there is any Webflow feature I miss, it is this one…


Thanks Mark. I think it’s one of those workflow features that doesn’t seem massively advantageous if you’ve not experienced it before. However, since using it in Webflow, I really struggle to work without it!

I’d love to see what the good folks at Sitejet can do with this feature… and I have no doubts that they’d be able to improve it!


I second this. Working with oxygen or bricks on WP we have the same option and it’s missed…


I’ve demo’d Webflow before - I actually think that’s a great idea! More clarity and speed of design/development/deployment is the whole thing about SJ!


+1 for this.

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