More direct connections with email marketing software like MAILERLITE

Mailerlite is now the best value in E-Mail marketing and very robust. Moosend was nice, but they raised their prices as how as anyone now. Also a new German company Acumbamail hit our radar in U.S. when they went on App Sumo. I would like to be able to simply use Mailerlite on Site Jet sites.

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+1, I am also starting to use mailerlite, so would be easy…


Thank you @James_Dennewitz for this suggestion.

I have created a feature request ticket for it.

For everyone who wants to support this feature, please comment here with a +1 and let us know if you also have some ideas regarding this topic.

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Dear @James_Dennewitz - how would you like to see a connection with Mailerlite? Is this referring to an API (for example) via the Project Manager or implementation in the Website Builder?

Is this a special tool that is connected to this?

I would like to see a direct integration within the website builder, making it easier and more streamlined to add email sign up forms using the Mailerlite software and pop up builders to collect emails and build an email list. Mailerlite is now the best priced email app in the U.S. with features this advanced since Moosend raised their prices.

Mailerlite is really one of the big 5 out there, they stand out as being a third of the price of some others, yet offer most of the big features and are much easier to use.

What exact kind of features would you like to see implemented in Sitejet from Mailerlite?