Is there a way to not create 400 tabs when navigating through sitejet?

Would like when I click through the menus and everything inside of sitejet for there not to be an additional tab created. for example. Logging in to sitejet creates a new tab. opening/editing a website creates a new tab. As a code person I already have a million tabs open. Could we just make everything open in the same tab and maybe adjust the navigation itself to allow going back and forth easily (which it basically does already)

Thank you


Hi @John_McConnell,

maybe grouping tabs will help you:

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that still just gives me more tabs. just grouped together. more tabs = more cpu/ram drain. its a turn off for me when a site keeps opening tabs. im sure others feel the same. doesnt detract from the product itself, more of a UI preference. same when im on a page on mobile and instead of the link opening the app that coincides it opens a browser and asks me to login. the key to good user experience is least effort on the user end.

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Hi John,

I understand your pain.

However, I prefer the new tab opening as it is now.

I think the best solution would be to allow the user to configure this.
Someone like this was others the other way:)

So everybody would have their own preferred way of playing with SJ.


toggle for this would work for me. love it

Hi John,

if you use Firefox you can enforce links to always be opened in the same tab as described in this post:


I totally agree with you.
Any other solutions besides brower add ons?