How to adjust the aspect ratio of an image for mobile and move it up

I’m not going to spend too much time on this as I’ve said it many times before, but I feel so stupid every time I try to create a website in Sitejet.

The problem now is that I use a template that has a poor aspect ratio for images on mobile, and more than half of the image is under the text.

First, how do I change this image to a more landscape or square ratio? And how do I move the image so it is above the text?

I feel that I have tried everything, but of course, there is a solution to this that I cannot find.

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Hey @Pal_Nikolaisen - thanks for bringing this up.

In your case, a workaround is needed for mobile, unless you like to play around with the positioning of the picture in the container.

My suggestion would be to move the container below (the one that is floating over the picture) a bit down, so it shows more of the picture. Or, for mobile you could even think about the container not being over the picture at all. In your case, I think, the container is set to -15rem for mobile as well.

Another way could be to set the minimum height of the picture up to e.g. 500px instead of 400px now.

Let me know if those suggestions work!

Thanks again André, this shows how good support Sitejet has!
I have spent many hours trying to move the image up, without thinking that I had to move the text down.
As I said, I don’t remember the name of this template, but I think you can easily find it and I recommend fixing this design error in the template. Because I don’t think anyone wants to hide almost half the picture behind the text on mobile :slight_smile:

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Great, I will get in touch with the designer that worked on the template.