Hamburger not working on mobile

Hello, new user here. The hamburger is working find on the desktop but doesn’t work on the mobile browser. Any ideas?

Also, I created a one page site where all the menu items linked to elements on the same main page. I then decided to create an additional page but when I click the menu items on the second page they wont take me back to the original main page nor the element specifically like as if I was on the main page clicking them. I get an error message:

Not Found Error 404

The requested resource could not be found.


Any help would be greatly appreacited and please expalin to me like I’m a five year old. Thank you!

Hey there new user :slight_smile: Welcome to our wonderful community! :heart_eyes:

Would you be able to post us the Website ID, so we could take a look at the menu for you? The ID is the six-digit number in the URL when you are in the website builder.

Did you make any changes to the menu other than appearance or add your own code?

Regarding your second issue: Did you reference the menu on the subpage? Did you adjust the links so they point from the subpage to the elements on / ?

I’ve got same problem on my website

Hello Jason,

we have replied to your mail about a while ago. Please check your mail address and get back to us with the information we need.


I didn’t get it buddy, Can you send me again?

Done. Please also check your spam folder, of course.

Hey, I started learning the Sitejet tool, and I created a simple website that has the menu working on a PC but not on the mobile devices. Is there any setting or technique to make it working on iPhones/Samsungs, etc… I also want to add that I am using Sitejet as a tool provided as part of the Stablepoint hosting.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!